Memorial options

With its roots dating back to the Anglican Church cemetery that started in 1893, Kelowna Memorial Park Cemetery (KMPC) now pays tribute to the many different ethnic communities whose pioneer spirit built our city. Choosing a space at the municipal cemetery ensures your family and friends will always have a place to visit you. The first step in joining our community starts here.

KMPC offers a variety of memorial options, whether you are pre-planning or at need. Pre-planning ensures you are well looked after at the time of need; purchasing a cemetery plot provides assurance that your wishes for a particular option or location within our cemetery will be fulfilled. Should your needs change, our easy and convenient refund policy allows you to either update your decision or receive a refund.

Please contact the Cemetery at 250-862-5518 or when you are ready to schedule a service. Whether it is a full burial or placing an urn in a niche, Cemetery staff are happy to assist with the process. The Cemetery Administration Office is open Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (no sales after 3 p.m.).

Read the sections below to learn more about memorial options at the Cemetery.


Interment of cremated remains
Legacy Gardens niches

Quarried from Canadian stone, the niches at Legacy Gardens are an option individuals or families. You can choose a Companion Niche that can hold up to two urns or a Family Niche that can hold up to four urns.

Behind the engraved shutters, the niches are made from solid aluminum. The construction of the Legacy Gardens niches will ensure a serene and secure final resting place.

Cremated remains burial lots

KMPC offers two choices for the burial of cremated remains: Companion Lots (can hold up to two urns) and Family Lots (have the capacity to hold up to six urns and family members can be memorialized on a bronze family memorial with individual name plates).

Each urn is placed in a liner to ensure the integrity of the burial, while the grassed lots allow for a flat memorial marker that is placed flush with the ground. Check with our office to find out the location of the currently available lots.

Promontory Green scattering garden

While taking a stroll through the garden at our Promontory Green, ashes can be scattered amongst the trees and flowers. On each side of the garden, there is a memorial wall that provides an additional option to have a bronze plaque mounted after the scattering. The choice is yours.

Dilworth Mountain scattering trail

KMPC is fortunate to offer the community the opportunity to scatter ashes anywhere along the nature trail at the foot of Dilworth Mountain. This beautiful, natural area offers views of the forest and the city at the southern trailhead. You’ll also find the option to memorialize the scattering with a bronze plaque mounted to one of the stone pillars that welcome you to the trail.

Please note: an Interment Permit issued by Kelowna Memorial Park Cemetery is required to scatter cremated remains.

Family Urns

The Family Urns are situated at the entrance to the stunning Legacy Gardens, providing a peaceful and contemplative space for friends and family to visit. 

Cored from a single piece of smooth granite, the seamless and sleek urns can accommodate up to eight cremated remains. Each set of ashes are placed in a small, soft urn, then interred within the family urn.

Memorial plaque

Families can have a memorial plaque on site even if ashes have been scattered previously in another place. This way you can easily visit the Cemetery and reflect and honor your loved ones in a serene and peaceful setting.

Interment of human remains
Legacy Gardens premium mausolea

Honouring the rich history of our valley, the apple tree or grapevine engravings welcome you to the Legacy Gardens Mausolea. Single crypts that are fronted with granite and memorialized with a bronze plate, the Legacy Garden Mausolea are a special place for interments at KMPC. Family and friends will enjoy beautiful views of the mountains and city while they sit on the garden benches when visiting the mausolea.

In-ground lawn crypts

KMPC’s in-ground lawn crypts provide families with a generational option. The crypt is double depth, with the first interment at eight feet and the subsequent interment at six feet. You can purchase a crypt for a single burial or add another burial and even two more urns for cremated remains above the crypt. These lots have a cement crypt already placed in the ground that hold up to two caskets. Pick a lot in a row with a spot for a flat marker or an upright marker. You can see the lawn crypt area on your way in to visit the onsite cemetery office.

Family estates

Showcase lots with private and semi-private options, with a variety of traditional burial and cremated remains interment options. Each estate (4 by 4.5 metres) is surrounded by custom fencing, a granite bench, landscaping and a cement foundation to hold a large memorial monument. 

The plot allows up to 20 family members, with two double-depth lawn crypts for traditional burial and eight companion in-ground cremation plots. This significant tribute may be used by a family or as an individual memorial. Over time, the estates offer a wonderful value in reserving a spot for generations to come. Currently, only semi-private estates remain available.

Other options at the Cemetery

The Brevity Memorial

The Brevity Memorial is dedicated to children whose lives were cut short, as symbolized by the life-size bronze statue of two children playing atop a tree stump. The plaza includes memorial walls to which names of deceased children and/or siblings are added as part of an annual ceremony.

The memorial is a joint project between the Cemetery and the Kelowna chapter of the Compassionate Friends, an organization dedicated to bereaved parents and family members. The Brevity Memorial received first place in the International Cemetery and Funeral Association’s 2004 “Keeping it Personal” awards.

Adopt a Tree

Adopt a Tree provides an opportunity to give a living legacy and preserve our natural heritage. We have many different varieties of trees to select throughout the Cemetery in memory of a loved one. An inscribed memory stone will be placed at the trunk of your adopted tree.


We understand and respect the need for families to honour loved ones interred at Kelowna Memorial Park Cemetery through the placement of floral and non-floral offerings at gravesites.

Regulations regarding the placement and removal of offerings help preserve the aesthetic beauty of the park and ensure the safety of all who visit and maintain the grounds.

Flower placement

For all grass-covered plots, only fresh-cut floral arrangements can be placed during the cutting season of March 16 to Oct. 31. Artificial flowers and/or natural floral arrangements may be placed in these same areas from Nov. 1 to March 15.

All arrangements must be placed in approved permanent vase receptacles. No potted plants permitted. In upright marker sections of G1, G4 and G7, artificial floral arrangements are permitted year-round if the marker has an approved vase permanently mounted on its base.

Within the Promontory Green Interment Garden, in-ground plots may have floral arrangements up to 18 inches in total width. For above-ground interments, floral arrangements can be up to 12 inches high and 10 inches wide. Height is measured from the top of the vase receptacle.

The burning of incense, candles or other flammable products is strictly prohibited within the Cemetery grounds. The Cemetery accepts no responsibility or liability for any items that are lost, stolen or removed by an act of vandalism.

Flower removal

Fresh-cut and artificial floral arrangements will be respectfully removed from interment sites when they become wilted, discoloured or unsightly.

Funeral flowers

Funeral flowers, along with all other funeral items such as stands, baskets, frames and casket sprays, may be placed at the interment site on the day of the service and will be left at the site until they become wilted, discoloured or unsightly. Family members should remove any memorial items they wish to keep at the conclusion of the graveside service.

Special occasion flowers

Family members and friends who would like to commemorate special days of their loved one's lives (such as date of birth) should notify Cemetery staff prior to placing floral arrangements. By doing so, these special adornments won’t be disturbed during this time.

Non-floral items

Any non-floral arrangement items placed at any interment site - including but not limited to ceramics, statuary, potted plants, fences, windmills, balloons, glass, baskets or stands - will be removed from the site immediately. Items attached to the mausoleum or columbarium facing - such as cards, photographs or wreaths – will also be removed.

Family and friends can place stones on the memorial markers of those who are interred at the Cemetery. However, for safety reasons, all visitation stones will be removed prior to the next scheduled mowing.

For further information, please consult the Kelowna Memorial Park Cemetery Bylaw.

Service providers

Kelowna Memorial Park Cemetery is an independent, community-owned cemetery. The Cemetery is not owned by or affiliated with any funeral service provider, other cemetery or memorial dealers.

The Cemetery follows a strict policy of not recommending or referring people to any specific funeral service provider or memorial dealer. We provide the following listings for information purposes only.  

Funeral service (and monument) providers

Everden Rust Funeral Services
1910 Windsor Road
Kelowna, BC V1Y 4R5

First Memorial Funeral Services
1211 Sutherland Avenue
Kelowna, BC V1Y 5Y2

2541 Churchill Road
West Kelowna, BC V4T 2B4

Springfield Funeral Home
2020 Springfield Road
Kelowna, BC V1Y 5V8
250 860-7077

Today’s Choice
1930 Kirschner Road
Kelowna, BC V1Y 4N6

Valleyview Funeral Home
165 Valleyview
Kelowna, BC V1X 3M5

Monument dealers

Graco Granite
15818 Industrial Avenue
Summerland, BC

Great West Monuments Inc.         
2020 KLO Road
Kelowna, BC

Mortimer's Monumental Works 
709 Kings Road
Victoria, BC  V8T 1W4

Valley Monuments
4316 - 29th Street
Vernon, BC
1-877-511-8585, 250-542-6411

West Coast Monuments
106-3375 Whittier Avenue
Victoria, BC

Professional associations & provincial legislation regulators

Funeral Service Association of BC – 
A professional association representing funeral service providers throughout B.C.

Business Practices and Consumer Protection Authority – 
The BPCPA administers and enforces the Cremation, Interment and Funeral Services Act to support a fair marketplace for B.C. consumers and businesses.